Fifth Grade Math

We use the TERC Investigations Curriculum. This curriculum is constantly spiraling back so students are learning new material as well as practicing previous learned skills. Our units this year include:

  • Number Puzzles & Multiple Towers (Multiplication & Division)
  • Prisms & Pyramids (3-D Geometry & Measurement)
  • Thousands of Miles, Thousands of Seats (Addition, Subtraction, & the Number System)
  • What’s That Portion? (Fractions & Percents)
  • Polygons: Names, Properties, and Angles (2-D Geometry & Measurement) 
  • Decimals on Grids and Number Lines (Decimals, Fractions, & Percents)
  • How Many People? How many Teams? (Multiplication & Division)
  • Growth Patterns (Patterns, Functions, & Change)
  • How Long Can You Stand on One Foot? (Data Analysis & Probability)