Grade K-2 Kodaly Classes
music_content.jpgThe American adaptation of Kodály Music Education is rooted in the cultural understanding of America and its people. The songs we choose help all of our children feel connected to their heritage and both build and reinforce the pride they feel in their roots.

Folk music is the gateway to a child’s first musical experiences. Through singing, dancing, creative movement and the playing of percussion instruments, children are learning how to:

  • keep a steady beat,
  • match pitch, and
  • distinguish between high and low.

 They are also learning about:

  • changes of tempo,
  • dynamics,
  • sequential patterns, and
  • rhythm patterns.

All of these skills are drawn from the music itself. Using these skills, children can listen intelligently and discuss concepts within the music of great classical composers.

music.jpgThe great strength of the Kodály Music Education system is that children “learn by doing.” There is nothing passive about a Kodály class! Children are both intellectually challenged and physically engaged by a wide variety of child-centered and developmentally appropriate activities. The simplicity of the sequence and playing of musical games enables even the youngest child to access the complex language of music.

The Peabody School Kodaly Music class is one of the few places in life where the children learn to be supporting and encouraging of each other, and our Kodály Singing Class is an excellent place to build confidence in students as they grow together. Through music, children are respectful of all ideas and attempts at improvising, solo singing, and creative movements in a totally non-judgmental arena. It is risk taking in a safe and comfortable, yet challenging setting. Moreover, the circle games we play are inclusive of each child; there are no winners and losers.

The joy in their faces and the self-confidence in their performances tell the story!

Grade 3-5 Kodaly Classes
In 3rd and 4th grade, students continue to learn music through the Kodaly method, singing folk music and playing games from diverse cultures. Students experience music kinesthetically, aurally, and visually. By the end of 4th grade, students will be able to sight sing basic melodies, sing in three parts, read music from the staff, transcribe melodies to the staff, and play recorder in solo and group settings. Because of the amount of time spent in music each week and the quality Kodaly based instruction they receive, our students have a comprehensive foundation of music performance, theory, and literacy.

In 5th Grade, students select a wind, brass, or string instrument to learn in addition to general music. After five years of Kodaly education, students are able to apply their musical literacy and singing skills to the instrument of their choice as they work together to play in an ensemble.