A Night of Family Folk Dancing

A Night of Family Folk Dancing
Posted on 04/09/2015
Ms. Bach and Ms. Ankuda are pleased to announce the first Peabody Family Folk dance on Wednesday, April 15 at 6PM in the gym, thanks to generous support from Friends of Peabody. Have you watched your child enjoy folk dancing and music class, wondering if you, too, would have the opportunity to slide the alley and do-si-do? Here is your chance to enjoy folk dancing just as it is intended: In a casual, celebratory, intergenerational setting with live music!

Folk DancingThe evening will feature a handful of traditional New England folk dances played by professional musicians. In music class, Ms. Ankuda and Ms. Bach enjoy taking students through a progression of dances because both music teachers have a background in traditional New England folk dance styles, having grown up in Vermont and Cape Cod, respectively. Each dance will be "walked through" before it is enjoyed to live music with a caller. We will begin with a simple mixer and progress through two lines set formations and reels, ending with a contra dance.

This event is free for Peabody families and is intended for students in grades one through five. At the Peabody School, when one is asked to dance, the answer is "yes please!” so don't worry about being left on the sidelines! Our experienced upperclassman will be looking to share their folk dancing knowledge. Students and adults alike should plan to wear comfortable clothing and sensible shoes. We’ll see you out on the floor!