Do Peabody Students Enjoy Reading? Survey Results

Do Peabody Students Enjoy Reading? Survey Results
Posted on 04/09/2015

We were curious to find out just how much our students enjoy reading so we asked them to fill out the Children’s Motivation Survey by Mazzoni, S.A., Gambrell, L.B., & Korkeamaki, R.L.

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And the survey says… we certainly are a community of readers!

The Peabody community works diligently, encompassing parents/caregivers, staff and students, to enhance the educational experience of all our students. It is clear by your children’s responses to the survey questions below that for most of our students there is a joy of reading in their everyday lives both at school and at home.

Take a look at the survey responses and discuss with your child how they answered each question. This will give you a greater sense of how they feel about reading and some things that can either continue to be encouraged at home or some things you may want to give more thought to.

Some suggestions may be:

  • Read to your child at least four times a week (regardless of grade level.)
  • Listen to your child read at least twice a week (regardless of grade level.)
  • Talk about the books you and your child are reading together.
  • Encourage children to read to one another.
  • Establish a family reading time.
  • Talk to your child’s teacher about reading habits and what might help motivate your child to read more.
  • Ask your child to take a book home that can be shared. 
  • Visit the local library.
  • If you have time in the morning, read with your child in the school library.
  • Check out magazines of interest at the library