Art Update (Nov. 2015)

Art Update
Posted on 11/09/2015
jk artThe art room is buzzing with activity this fall, with exciting work coming from all grade levels from Jr. Kindergarten through fifth grade! Last week we featured a display of fifth grade work: the Sugar Skull Block Prints hanging up in the school lobby. Today, we invite you to view new work on display from Ms. Leslie's Jr. Kindergarteners!

They have worked hard on their Shape Study Paintings; we hope you enjoy the display!

Peabody School Jr. Kindergarten classes studied the similarities and differences between different shapes. We used shape stencils (Squares, Rectangles, Triangles and Circles) to trace shapes onto paper. Jr. Kindergarteners practiced holding their shapes down while tracing carefully, and then colored their shapes in with water-soluble markers. We also practiced proper brush grip and used water to activate the marker ink and turn their drawings into watercolor paintings! We loved learning about shapes and hope you enjoy our creations!

Overview of Art Objectives:
  • SKILLS: Tracing, crayon grip, brush use, fine motor development
  • MEDIA USED: Crayon/water resist, Water-soluble markers