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Greeting from the JK-2 Music Room

Greeting from the JK-2 Music Room
Posted on 12/21/2015
As always, there are many excited events and musical happenings at the Peabody School this year. Here is a brief run down of some of what is going on in our school:

Musical Mondays and Tuneful Tuesdays

This school year we are trying something different for our Musical Mondays and Tuneful Tuesdays. Each month will feature a different composer and children will listen to a featured work from that composer every week. In addition there is a new bulletin board outside the main office that contains fun facts about the composer. Each week students in grades K-2 and 3-5 will be asked a trivia question about the composer. That question will be posted outside the main office on the composer of the month board. Students will find the answers on the bulletin board in the “Did You Know?” boxes or under “Fun Facts.” Each week some students will be selected who answered the trivia question correctly. Those students’ names will be announced and they will be invited to choose from the prize box in the front office. A student will only be allowed to receive a prize from the prize box once during the school year. However each week students who have answered the question correctly will be tracked and at the end of the year the two students from each age range (K-2 or 3-5) that answered the most trivia questions correctly will receive a special prize for participating!

We encourage everyone to participate and hope that when parents are in the building you will take a peek at our Composer of the Month bulletin board outside the main office too.

Concert Update

Our Kindergarten Students have been in what I call “concert prep mode.” They have been working very hard practicing on the risers for their Winter Concert.

Students in first and second grade are beginning to select and work on repertoire for their concert scheduled for January 27th at 9:15AM in the Auditorium. Students will wear traditional concert attire of white tops and black bottoms. First grade parents please take note and this is different from Kindergarten.

Other Music News

MusicWe were very fortunate to welcome back students from the Longy Teaching Artists Program on Tuesday, December 8th. Elizabeth Stuk (opera performance), Yuko Ozaki (opera performance) and Sunny Liu (piano performance) presented a delightful presentation about emotions in music using Rossini's "Cat Duet," The students explored different emotions presented through song and we were left meow-ing all day! Thank you to Longy for sharing their students with us!

On a personal note: I am so thankful this time of year as I think about our students and the frequency in which we have music instruction at the Peabody School. As we get ready for our concerts and programs I am again impressed and inspired by the music making of your children.

Musically Yours,

Ms. Bach