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Horseback Riding at Silverfalls Ranch

Horseback Riding at Silverfalls Ranch
Posted on 10/19/2015
By: Sarah S., 5th Grade

HorseWhile I was on Kauai (an island located in Hawaii) we went to Silverfalls Ranch to ride horses. As I got on my horse my heart was thumping with enormous excitement.
“Hey Julia, how’s it going?” I called.
“Great!” she replied.

Julia’s horse was actually the oldest horse on Kauai, around forty years old! On our tour were two other adults, Mary and her aunt Mary. The aunt was ninety-two and she rode the horse without any trouble!

“Time to go!” called our guide. Julia’s helper grasped her reins and we took off.
“Giddy up. ”I whisper shouted.
As we took off I noticed tons of amazingly beautiful trees. Our guide picked us each a tart fruit off one of them. It was so sweet.

Every couple feet a puddle appeared and my horse tried to avoid it, which is funny because these horses like mud. In front of us beautiful mountains reached very high heights. As we approached the Silverfalls I could hear the rushing water. We got off our horses and ate lunch under the shelter of a small shack. Then we had twenty minutes to do what we pleased.

“Hey guys, come down to the waterfall.” I called.
When we got down we saw a beautiful waterfall!