Fourth Graders Write a Letter to Mrs. Obama

Fourth Graders Write a Letter to Mrs. Obama
Posted on 11/14/2016

Dear Mrs. Michelle Obama,

You are the first African American first lady of the United States. Well, you can be the first African American Lady President of the United States! And if Hillary Clinton does not win, then you could be the first African American AND female President of the United States! You probably know a lot about presidents and presidential stuff.

Your husband has been president and you know he’s been busy. He could help you be President. You have always put family first. This is important because it means you will care for your people. By volunteering at Sasha and Malia’s school, you show us that community is important. When you are president, the country will be your family, and you will always put your country first. You could create laws that might help millions of people! You worked really hard at making the community a better place. Also, you worked at a hospital helping to reach out to both poor and rich people. This shows that you are dedicated to your country.  

I think you are very qualified to be President. You created many programs to help people that are not wealthy. When you were in school, you got A+ every time. Plus you went to two COLLEGES!!!, Harvard and Princeton. A lot of people want you to run for president. You would be a strong, independent never-give-up president. After this election you should run for president. When Barak Obama was running for office you did yoga during your free time. Also, you went to the gym. That shows you would be a strong president. In addition, you gave many speeches to support your husband. When you became first lady, I think most of the country was VERY VERY HAPPY. People screamed and clapped for Barak and you. You would be a president that everyone could count on.  

You believe in working hard, doing your personal best, and putting your family first. Presidents do a lot of things to keep our country safe. You are caring because you help people less fortunate. You help the families of soldiers. By helping out kids and families to make healthy meals and exercise, you keep us all healthy and prevent us from getting sick. When you were in school and college, you worked hard. As our next president, you would continue to work hard. If you were to run for president, your husband could make speeches and help out with your campaign.   

You should run for President because you would be an awesome, loving President. You were the first lady so you are really qualified.  


Ms. Lippens
Rebekah Gonzalz
William Postal
Jaden Scott
Fatima Barry 

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