Staff Updates: April 12, 2016

Staff Updates: April 12, 2016
Posted on 04/12/2016

Grade 4The 4th graders have been working on a long-term creative writing project with their family members. Their fantasy/mystery stories are inspired by Chris Van Allsberg’s illustrations in his book The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. Read on for some unique stories. Students have incorporated paragraphing, descriptive language, dialogue, and story arc. Read on for some unique stories.

The Harp by Bezawit

Music appeared in the air. Without a word, I led Freya towards it. There was a large, red bush and we squirmed inside. Through the bush, we saw a rushing river and beside it, there was a blazing fire set up. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. So it’s true, he thought, it’s really true. There were creatures living in the woods. I peeked over at Freya and looked at her astonished face. I peered into the opening of the trees. “So that’s where the smoke came from...” I thought. Sitting beside the fire, there was a golden glittering harp. Strangely, I could hear the harp’s music, yet no one was strumming the strings. There were blurry purple lights surrounding it.

Grade 4Uninvited Guest by Micah

“What was that?” Todd exclaimed, looking around. “It might have come from the basement…” replied Jake. “It was probably just something that fell down,” Todd suspected. “Well, wanna see WHAT fell down?” exclaimed Jake. “Honestly, I don’t, but its not like we have much to do anyways.” replied Todd, as they walked down into the basement. Jakes heart was pounding. He was sure he had seen the doorknob turn.

Oscar and Alphonse by Maggie
Bella remembered that this was the caterpillars’ home so she told the caterpillars that she had to leave and they had to stay. She realized that the caterpillars gave her enough help. After saying goodbye, she knew it was time to send them back. The caterpillars softly wiggled in her hand spelling out “goodbye”. The caterpillars slowly crawled in the direction they came from, leaving time for Bella to say goodbye for the last time.

Grade 4Another Place, Another Time by John

The albino kid had been eaten by a sea monster. Suddenly, an octopus yanked the boy out of the sea monster but left the evil behind. The man and his wife realized it was their long lost son. They were baffled yet very happy their son has been released from the claws of evil. As they continued on their journey across the ocean on their spy contraptions, they dreamed about their new future in the castle in the clouds. The man thought to himself, “If there was an answer, he’d find it there. The Third Floor Bedroom by Ella “They are not curtains. That is the ground.” “What? What is going on here?” “It got really warm very fast and the ice broke. Many houses are underground. Some like ours were lucky enough to not sink all the way.” A few days later we had a town meeting. My mom and I had to go out my window to get there. On my way there I saw the houses that were underground. The people were confined to their houses the way I had been confined to my bed.

A Strange Day in July
by Sofia
The one problem was that fish was Lucy! As Lucy was swimming along she was attacked by crabs and taken to the crab lair, thrown into a cage, and locked up. She had no clue what was going on, she only knew that she had to get out of this disgusting cage made of bones. She called over a guard and told him that she had a secret. “Hey, I have a lot of money in my pocket. I’ll give it all to you as long as you let me out.”

Grade 4The Seven Princesses and Their Seven Magical Chairs
by Salendjy
“Can we use the chairs in the basement for our tea party? Please!” they pleaded. Mom answered, screaming, “NO! Never even lay a claw on those chairs in the basement because those chairs are really dangerous. You need to be trained to use those chairs. Do you hear me! Only two people know how to control those chairs and that is our butler and I. The princesses all wept.

Oscar and Alphonse
by Amy
In the private dark street, no one noticed all the people had stopped moving. No one noticed time had frozen. A robed figure walked with a grey Scottish fold cat a pace behind. The cat transformed into a young girl, around 12 years old.
“Sir, why are we here? I know we are going to help someone,” the girl said. “But why isn’t Albert here?” The man took off his hood and looked the girl in the eye. The girl’s sharp green eyes held his gaze.

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