Junior Kindergarten

Language Arts
For literacy, students are taught by the Lesley University Literacy Collaborative program which consist of independent and shared writing, shared reading and writing, interactive reading and writing, poetry, chart poems and big books.

Writing Time: Modeled after the Martha Horn program, which has the children using drawing/writing books to first tell stories, and then draw stories, then label stories, then write sentences for their stories. We also share our stories with each other and with families.

Work Board: Children participate in literacy, math, science and art activities at centers in small groups and move independently from center to center.

Handwriting Without Tears: Peabody's handwriting program. Each child has their own handwriting book and each week we practice making 2 letters with follow-up practice during Workboard centers.

Storytelling and story acting: Children share stories with the class and the teacher writes the stories down. After the class has shared their stories we retell them and the children will act the stories out with each other.

Read Alouds: Every day we read a book chosen by the teacher and discuss the theme or idea of the story as a class.

Science and Social Studies
Our units are:    

  • Nature
  • Sand and Water

We also expand on our science/social studies curriculum with the study of holidays, people, places, presidents, endangered animals, friendships, families, our community, responsive classroom and our solar system.

Building Blocks is an activity and computer based program that focuses on counting, number recognition, shapes, ordering numbers, measurement and patterns. The children will learn a concept as a whole group and then practice that concept individually and in small group during math workshop time. The children also use the computer to play games that correspond to the concept learned for that week.

The children engage in daily interactions with each other through choice time, recess and group times where we discuss a problem, issue or fun fact and come up with solutions that work for everyone.