Message From Ms. Ford: November 30, 2012

Dear Peabody Community:

Since last week was Thanksgiving, I want to send a special “Thank You” to the faculty and staff of the Peabody School. It is a personal privilege for me to work alongside these gifted individuals every day.

Our faculty and staff give life to stories, make math fun and share exciting scientific discoveries. They also enrich your children’s lives with art and music. They educate your children on health and wellness.

They give hugs, they tie shoes, and they nourish your children’s bodies and souls. They put ice and a bandage on a boo boo. They cheer your children on, they help our families, and they spend their own time making sure your children’s lives have extra enrichment. They make sure our school is clean and inviting, they help each other to make our entire school better. They love your children.

Thank you Peabody School Staff. It is an honor to be your Principal and colleague.

Jennifer Ford