Dia de los Muertos – Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos – Day of the Dead
Posted on 11/03/2015
dia de los muertosDia De Los Muertos ~ Day Of The Dead
Calaveras ~ Sugar Skulls
Styrofoam Block Prints

Peabody School fifth graders learned about the various Dia De Los Muertos traditions from Mexico, focusing on the cultural iconography and family celebrations. One of the traditional activities, sugar skull decorating, was the inspiration for students to create block prints using a Styrofoam plate. Students drew from this cultural inspiration and infused their own designs using lines and repeated patterns to create a printing plate that was reproduced to make a series of prints. Students learned the process of block printing and worked together as a community to operate their own print shop to create their art works. They learned to troubleshoot and fix some of the common printmaking mistakes with experience and practice. After the process of printmaking, students selected their best work to share with the community as part of this display.

Essential Questions:
How do artists draw upon their (or another’s) culture to create unique and original artworks?
How do artists manipulate the elements and use principles of design to convey meaning?

• Students will learn about the Dia De Los Muertos celebrations in Mexico
• Students will draw from Mexican cultural iconography and personal aesthetic to create an original artwork
• Students will create a Styrofoam reduction plate and print using the basic principles and techniques of printmaking
• Students will brainstorm, edit and revise their work to create desired effect
• Students will prepare their work for display and exhibit