Message from Instructional Literacy and Instructional Math Coaches

Message from Instructional Literacy and Instructional Math Coaches
Posted on 10/23/2015

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” - Ernest Hemingway

Peabody Coaches...

  • seek out teacher leaders and encourage leadership skills in our community
  • establish personal student achievement and professional goals
  • use data to inform our coaching practice and make decisions about high-leverage actions that will support our learners
  • work with teams of teachers –
    • looking at student work
    • examining lessons and instruction
    • analyzing data
    • developing curriculum
    • discussing the effective use of common formative assessments
    • creating a professional, growth mind-set culture
    • using professional structures and protocols to facilitate professional growth
    • leading book discussion groups highlighting current professional research
    • studying instructional practices that enhance student growth across all content areas
  • meet with teachers individually to support their instruction and learning across content areas, including social studies and science
  • with the principal, orchestrate high-impact learning events for teachers – teacher modeling, peer observations, walkthroughs, examination and reflection practices
  • work closely on the School Improvement Plan – a document that communicates the needs of Peabody students – it is goal-oriented and is continually reviewed and revised based on the collection of on-going data from our students
  • plan and deliver professional development courses to the staff and other CPS teachers
  • support school-wide Response to Intervention efforts – screening process, student identification, attend team meetings, make recommendations, help plan and schedule interventions, offer ideas and resources to support teachers
  • meet with school administration regularly to facilitate communication about effective instruction
  • seek out and participate in our own professional learning and growth, attending professional development to deepen our knowledge and strengthen our craft