Message from Principal Ford

Message from Principal Ford
Posted on 12/14/2015

Dear Peabody Community:

I am writing today to reflect on the events of the past two weeks and review the changes that have been made as a result of these events.

As you know, we considered all threats very seriously. For the safety of all, we have revised our dismissal procedures. While feedback and community comments have been positive, please bear with us as we work through the inevitable ‘hiccups’ any new plan experiences.

Outline of dismissal procedures:

  • Student pick-ups – all parents/caregivers will meet their child(ren) at the front door. Please line up behind the cones and in front of the sign with child’s teacher’s name.  
  • Bus dismissals -- continue from the auditorium.
  • Walkers without parent/caregiver pick-up – exit through front door.

The above procedures will remain in effect until further notice.

Additionally, the following measures have also been established to help secure our school community:

  • All people entering and exiting the building must use the front door. This is the best way for us to account for all visitors.
  • Everyone will be asked to sign in and out.
  • At no time, should anyone, adults or children, open any door for anyone.

Next week, I have scheduled a meeting with the various programs housed in the Peabody School building. It is important that all staff and student personnel remain informed of new procedures and directives.

We did not directly discuss the events with the children unless a student or a classroom had the need. We feel that children respond best to a sense of normalcy and feel most secure when things are ‘business as usual’.

On behalf of my staff, I would like to thank you all for the many ways you’ve shown your support. The breakfast was exactly what everyone here needed. Your many notes and kind words are deeply appreciated. We are grateful that our community has been able to come together and that we are able to lean on one another.

On a personal note, as stressful as this time has been, I look for the good in the worst of circumstances. That being said, this experience has renewed my belief in the power of collective kindness and strength. Together, we make this work. Thank you for your patience.

With sincere gratitude,

Jennifer Ford