"Ever since my child enrolled in junior kindergarten at Peabody four years ago, I've been continually struck by the warm and welcoming environment of the school. The tone is set at the start of each day, literally at the front door, where incoming students are greeted with a smile and a kind word by at least three or four members of the faculty and staff. Older kids hold the doors for younger ones; greetings are posted in all languages spoken by students at home; encouraging messages of support and student artwork line the halls. Even the morning announcements include personalized birthday wishes. This spirit of inclusiveness and appreciation seems conducive, maybe even necessary, to learning, and I've seen that reflected in my own child's development." - 3rd Grade Parent

"A great place to raise a family." - 4th Grade Parent

"From the first day we walked into the Peabody school, our family felt at home". - Kindergarten Family

"I feel such a sense of community at the Peabody School -- parents and teachers and staff really take care of each other --this is a rare and special quality!" - Mom of 3rd grader

"The teachers are all very friendly and professional and have the best interest of our children in mind. I feel confident that our children are receiving an excellent education, and I'm thrilled that they are in such a modern and clean building." - Peabody Family

Our daughter can't wait to go to school each morning. Peabody's dedicated and thoughtful teachers inspire her academic achievements and her personal growth. - Parent of a 1st grader

testimonials_content.jpgI have found so much support and a great sense of community and friendship for myself and for my family at the Peabody. As a child I felt a strong sense of community in my church. I knew that I had adults beyond just my parents looking out for me. My children experience that same feeling of community support at the Peabody from both the faculty and the other families. – Parent of Kindergartener and 2nd Grader

My children have had wonderful, supportive teachers at the Peabody who have taken the time to get to know them as individuals and to understand the best ways to help them learn. –Parent of Kindergartener and 2nd Grader

"My 3 boys have been continually challenged by the Peabody school curriculum. My 9th grader started at CRLS this year with the tools he needed to enroll in honors classes. I owe a debt of gratitude to all the teachers who worked so hard to get him there" – 4th and 6th grade parent as well as Parent to an alumni (class of 2011)

The staff at Peabody are really caring and really create a nice family feeling for the kids. - Parent of 2nd grader and 4th grader

"When our older daughter had to transition out of her school into middle school at Peabody, our younger daughter - then in third grade - wanted to visit the Peabody as well. We took a tour, visited an Open House and then both girls took a day to shadow Peabody students.

Our third grader came home saying, "I made so many new friends! The school is so cool! Can I go there, too?" This, from a child who was happy and comfortable in the school she'd attended since pre-K. The students she'd met at Peabody were so warm, so welcoming and friendly. When our daughter started school at Peabody the following year, she and her new friends picked up right where they'd left off. She continues to make friends, and continues to have fun every day that she is at school. Fortunately, the academics and quality of teaching are equal to that of her friendships, and she has been more challenged in her new setting. When we look back on our decision - this type of decision being very difficult - we feel we couldn't have made a better choice!" –Parent to a 5th grader and an 8th grader

testimonials_content.png"My husband and I currently have a son in Kindergarten and a son in 4th grade. The professionalism and courteousness of the staff at Peabody is exceptional. Every morning when our kids go to school we feel confident that our children are in safe hands and getting the best education in a clean and modern building. Thank you so much! " – Parent to a Kindergartner and a 2nd grader

“My husband and I are always impressed by what a caring and friendly community the Peabody School is. Every day, we see teachers, other parents, and schoolmates cheering our son onward in his learning and growth. We’re very grateful for this gift, because we see the pride and confidence that the Peabody family has helped to foster in our child.” – Parent to a kindergartner

During a very difficult year in my nephew's life, everyone at the Peabody School was tremendously supportive of both him and me. That support was so important and helped us make it through. -Aunt to 3rd grader

Any concerns of ours are taken seriously and addressed immediately! – Kindergarten parent

The Peabody School has an authentic, welcoming, positive energy! It is a joy to drop off my child every morning. – 1st grade parent

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