Staff Updates: From Ms. Vecchiarello

Staff Updates: From Ms. Vecchiarello
Posted on 03/15/2016
Moderation. Small helpings. Sample a little bit of everything. These are the 
secrets of happiness and good health. -- Julia Childs

Dear Peabody Community,

Our March Madness Competition is off and running! A competition is a fun and exciting event, one that often brings out the best in people as they give it their ‘all’ to be the best they can be. Competition can be, and often is, healthy.

Competition often pushes people to work harder than they normally would under other circumstances. But competition can also have unintended consequences, among them, devoting too much time to any one effort. I like the above quote because it reminds us that in all things admirable, moderation is key to being well-rounded, successful, and happy.

Please take a moment to discuss and digest this idea with your child(ren) as he/she (they) participate in our contest. Yes, we want to encourage reading. Yes, we want students to be excited and engaged and enthusiastic. But we also want our students doing more than just reading. Hobbies, after school activities, sports, playing, and downtime are all important, too! Please take some time to review your child’s reading log. If it seems unreasonable, please discuss the amount of time your child is recording as reading time. Again, we love reading time, but six hours spent reading on a Tuesday night does not allow for other important daily activities. Please take this into consideration when discussing reading minutes with one another.

It is wonderful to see and feel the utter excitement coursing through our halls and in our classrooms. The librarians at O’Neill are thrilled with the increase of book check-outs and teachers report the students are reading more than ever. But, please, remind your children to ‘sample a little bit of everything’!
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